Bingo Offers – Canada

Bingo has come a long way from sitting in large bingo halls as you are able to play bingo online now.

Bingo online is a fun way to enjoy this much loved game of luck, chance and patience. You will find yourself on tender hooks waiting for your number to be called and hopefully hit that bingo.

bingoBingo online differs from traditional bingo in some ways. In online bingo the numbers that come up are randomly bingogenerated and are between 1 and 75 depending on the type of bingo that you are playing. The numbers that have already been called will be displayed on the screen. The cards that are given out to players are also random. You are able to play more than one card at a time. The point of bingo is for a player to create a certain pattern of numbers.

If an online player makes Bingo then the gaming site will compare the numbers that have been called with the player’s card. If there is more than one player that has won then the prize money is shared.

The biggest draw of online bingo is the prize money as well as the bonuses that are on offer.

In Canada players can enjoy playing online bingo at Bingo Cabin.

Bingo Cabin

At Bingo Cabin you have the choice between playing slots and bingo. When you sign up at the Bingo Cabin you will receive a $30 sign up bonus which is given in Bonus Bucks, that does not require any deposits or credit cards.

Other offers are a 300% first deposit bonus. This means that when you make your first deposit with this online bingo site you will receive triple what you have deposited. You will need to make a deposit of at least $10 to qualify. The bonus is given Bonus Bucks which has a maximum of $300.

On your second deposit you will receive a 100% deposit bonus, which requires a minimum of $20 deposited and the maximum Bonus Bucks bonus for this is $100.

For all depositing players there is a reload bonus which is given when your balance is less than $10 and your Bonus Bucks are less than $50.

There are plenty of online bongo sites that offer bonuses.

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